A Cottage Garden project in Retford with the following brief:
                                          Before photograph
Before landscaping - the turf was taken up and plants re-planted elsewhere ready for construction of the path.
Our clients wanted to enhance the front approach to their property and reduce the time spent caring for the garden but, at the same time, maintain a 'cottage garden' feel.  Access to the garden gate and the drive was an important consideration and as the garden was well stocked,  it was important to save and re-plant as many plants as possible within the new garden scheme.


  • To enhance the front approach to the house by constructing gently curving pathways in natural stone, with no complex geometric shapes or patterns, thus creating line and flow throughout the garden.   Visual unity will then be achieved within the planting scheme, with the emphasis on herbaceous plants to maintain the cottage garden feel.
Landscape Design for Cottage Garden.

  • Reduce the garden maintenance by introducing gravel and barked areas to parts of the garden design and by careful selection of low maintenance plants to the gravel areas.  

  • Utilise as many existing plants as possible.                                                  
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Many thanks to our clients for allowing us to photograph and publish the finished result"

"after" (house to left of picture). left click to enlarge
Completed in seven days - The Natural Stone Path links access to the front door and side door from the main gate and drive.You will see from the shape of the path that we changed the design slightly during construction to improve the flow of the path from the drive area to the side gate.

We managed to save and re-plant the majority of the original herbaceous plants and further plants have been added throughout the season to give all year round colour.